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J. Macmillan: Successful Practising


 Successful Practising

A handbook for pupils, parents and music teachers

by Jenny Macmillan

Good progress on an instrument depends on both good teaching to inspire the student and also good practice habits.

Successful Practising
is intended to help

  • teachers guide their pupils with their practice
  • teenage and adult students with their own practice
  • parents who would like to assist their primary age children with practice.

It is particularly relevant to the early and intermediate stages of learning, though it will be of interest also to advanced players who feel their practising is not as effective as it might be.

Endorsements from eminent musicians include
Clear and comprehensive, containing invaluable advice on how to practise and make the best use of practice time. An indispensable guide for anyone involved in any aspect of music education (Duncan McTier, double bass professor, RAM).

If we all followed the precepts admirably presented in Successful Practising we would all become wonderful instrumentalists and expressive musicians! (Bernard Roberts, concert pianist and professor, RCM).

I found your book to be the most well written and comprehensive handbook currently available, with a tremendous balance of academic rigour along with excellent separate sections for teachers, students and parents (Ben Cleverdon, Music Education Consultant).

Reviews of Successful Practising
Ability, Autumn 2012: brimming with ideas on how to make practice more fruitful and enjoyable
Stringendo, April 2012: an indispensible guide
SMA Bulletin, Autumn 2011: how to get the most out of every practice session
The Trombonist, Autumn 2011: I would unreservedly recommend you buy this book
Singing, Summer 2011: all about learning how to learn
The Strad, July 2011: to encourage the development of imaginative, curious musicians
Piano Journal, Spring 2011: essential ingredients laid out for effective practice
Arco, Spring 2011: I can almost guarantee you will find something useful here
Piano Professional, Spring 2011: excellent suggestions and ideas
New Zealand Suzuki Journal, Winter 2011: underpinned by major research, brings together an excellent range of ideas and strategies in a well written and clearly organised format

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