Dear Colleagues!

Please listen to Dr Suzuki’s personal appeal:  


Suzuki teaches

Photo by Gudrun Søe Hansen: Dr. Suzuki teaches in Denmark, 1981

In this short film clip Dr. Suzuki explains what he expects of future teacher generations.
One could almost believe that Dr Suzuki is making a personal appeal to us all for exactly this Weblog!

The aim of this Weblog is the lively international exchange of good and helpful SUZUKI TEACHING IDEAS. Please click here and  tell us about it. We are happy to add your favourite
– Articles
– Films
– Photographs
– Audio files
– Sheet music
(Any copyrighted material needs to carry a copyright notice. Sharing material here is considered ‘educational fair use’.)
In this way, we hope to create an ever growing free Internet encyclopedia for Suzuki teachers, full of concrete ideas for our teaching as well as a source of inspiration.

This project is being initiated by Kerstin Wartberg & supported by the German Suzuki Association, founded in 1983 on the initiative of Dr Suzuki. The German Suzuki teacher trainers work in close cooperation with numerous colleagues of the European Suzuki Association as well as with teachers in America, Australia and Japan.
Please vistit our International Suzuki Teachers’ Club on Facebook to discuss and exchange SUZUKI TEACHING IDEAS.


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6 thoughts on “Dear Colleagues!

  1. Mary Sandbrook

    I have battled for many years with one delightful pupil, who has had huge difficulty playing in tune. Both her parents have degrees in music. Quite by chance, one day I asked Dad (English) whether he ever listened to Mum’s (Thai) music. He said he did not because it was so out of tune to his ears. He said that the octave was divided differently in Thai music from Western music. Thai is also a tonal language. I would love to spread the word to other teachers who may be battling with the same problem. And to get any feed back from you. Many thanks. Mary

  2. Jodi Stewart-Moore, Pennsylvania

    This weblog is useful for all music teachers, including those who are not Suzuki teachers!
    I have reviewed it and find the suggestions for and on parents to be beneficial as well as the piano ideas given.
    Thank you for sharing this, and I hope this blog reaches the non-Suzuki educational community as well.

    Jodi Stewart-Moore

  3. Elizabeth Sherk

    Thank you, Kerstin Wartberg, for connecting us.
    The Suzuki world is made up of a great community of open minded sharing people.

    Elizabeth Sherk
    North York Suzuki School of Music

  4. Festivalsuzuki Monterrey, Mexico

    Dedicado con todo el amor que tengo por mi gran Maestro Shinichi Suzuki para todos mis amigos, colegas Suzukianos del mundo. Debemos de trabajar juntos!! Solo un gran Maestro Suzuki puede lograr convivir y compartir sus experiencias con los demás. Dejemos el ego y el miedo aún lado. Seamos sensibles, ayudemos a los demás, interesarte por tus alumnos, no critiques, no señales. Aprende a ayudar. Pongámonos los pantalones y apliquemos la verdadera Filosofía Suzuki no un Libro y Cd.

  5. Mary Margaret Haraden, Texas

    This is the beauty of the Suzuki Method, that we all work together, encourage each other, share ideas, and help other teachers’ students as much as our own.

    Together we are greater than the sum of our parts.


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